Why buying gifts for others could benefit you

Why buying gifts for others could benefit you

We have all encountered situations or occasions where we feel the need to purchase a gift for someone who is special in our life. Perhaps this person is celebrating a milestone, has achieved something great, he/she is celebrating a birthday or you are simply buying them a gift because they are so dear to you. All these reasons warrant a gift

Even though we mostly gift those that we are close to, what we, however, get wrong is embracing the notion that we should only gift someone who is particularly close to us like a spouse, child, relative or a close friend.

Gifting can be done to any other person that you are not so close to as a kind gesture signifying your appreciation or thankfulness for something good they did for you even though it may be part of their job description. Think of gifting as a way of saying thank you. For instance tipping the waiter for serving you well (A token of appreciation)

In modern day most people do not have gift ideas and instead opt for a lunch or dinner date as opposed to buying a gift, opt for cakes only on birthdays, opt for a night out in clubs while others even offer money instead.

While it has been argued that money is an open gift enabling the recipient to purchase anything they fancy but why not get them a gift card from a gift shop that they can redeem instead? Dinner is fine, cake is sweet but gifts are thoughtful.

Gifting someone demonstrates that you had the decency of remembering their birthday/anniversary/graduation or any other milestone milestone, carefully took your time to think of a gift for them and even made the effort of purchasing it. All this effort is what really counts.

Here is why you should cultivate a culture of gifting;

1.Giving gifts builds relationships

Gift giving affirms your personal relationship with someone close to  you or your desire to establish one in the near future

2. It is a power move

Gifting gives you a psychological edge over others. Let us use the example of an influential person giving an endorsement. He/she is considered a playmaker/kingmaker in that field and the move is mostly referred to as a power move

3. Giving attracts more gifts

Even though gifts do not require compensation, it tends to create a debt where one will ‘feel’ indebted thus the need to ‘pay back.

4. To apologise for something wrong  you did

Gifts have a special way of saying I am sorry in a way words cannot. They may help you win someone’s trust once more as they symbolise your guilt, acceptance of wrongdoing and your willingness to work things over.

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