Choosing the best shoes for your feet

Choosing the best shoes for your feet

Everyone wears shoes as we all move around from one place to the other. They were initially made to protect our feet, especially the sole against damage and cracks caused by friction when they come into contact with the ground. Their usefulness has however evolved into more than just protection. From men's shoes to women’s shoes this piece of body wear has since evolved into an important fashion piece for both sexes. We have all heard of the ‘Mwanaume ni kiatu’ phrase that loosely translates to mean that a man is defined by the type of shoes he wears.

What to consider when buying a pair of shoes;

1. Comfort

It is of utmost importance that your shoes are comfortable to wear and walk or run around in. It is one of the most important factors that should guide you in choosing your shoes. Ensure that the shoes grip your heel well not too tight but not too loose either. Why else would you own shoes that you can’t walk in?

2. Safety

The shoes you purchase should guarantee the safety of your feet. This of course is dependent on the type of shoes you are wearing. If they are closed shoes they should at the very least protect your feet from physical damage such as bruises but generally, all shoes should have good treads to prevent damage to your whole body through slipping and falling.


It is important to know your shoe size even if you don’t intend on buying a pair. It helps when ordering online for a pair to be delivered to you or when someone wants to buy you a pair as a gift. There are two major shoe size numbering systems; US and Europe sizes. Click here for the shoe size guide.

4. Material

The choice of material may be influenced by your intended use of the shoes. Most people go for leather when they want formal office shoes and suede for the weekend smart casual look.

5. Design

This is also important especially if you have certain expectations and preferences. A design mainly focuses on the appearance of a shoe and could range from the type and thickness of the sole to many other factors such as fastening type; Lace up, zip up or a slip on?

6. Brand

Some people prefer to associate themselves with certain brands of shoes and won’t be seen wearing any other designer. This is varies among people and it is based on one’s preferred taste.

7. Events

Shopping for an event may also inform your choice of shoes. If for instance if you are attending an all-white event, your choice of shoes will definitely be decided by color (white) before any other considerations are made. In the same taste one would opt for sandals or open shoes when shopping for a vacation down at the coast.

In conclusion, comfort should be the most sought after attribute of any shoe that you purchase. It is what guarantees that you will actually use the shoes for their intended purpose, which is simply, wearing them.


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