Fragrance: Choosing the best designer scent

Fragrance: Choosing the best designer scent

It is important to know how to choose the right fragrance for yourself, be it a perfume for women or cologne for men. Most people in Nairobi and Kenya in general want to look and smell good but do not know how to buy the right cologne. Good cologne should enhance and reflect your personality, character and swagger. This explains why in very simplistic English, we do not put on cologne but we wear cologne because it becomes a form of our identity. People will always remember the way you smell.

We might not consciously know it but smell is the strongest sense that human beings possess, more so ladies. In most offices in Kenya, your colleague, even without seeing you will know that you are in the next room just by the cologne or perfume that you wear.

Just the same way if you smell a familiar fragrance, you associate it with someone like an old friend or partner who used to wear the same. You may not know the name of the fragrance but the smell will awaken your senses. In the same breath, you may not remember events or occasions of past years but when you smell the fragrance that you used to wear five or even ten years ago, it will remind you of the people you were close to at the time or the events that took place at that time of your life.

A perfume that works for you therefore, does not necessarily work for me. If you are my friend in Nairobi, Kenya and you reckon I smell great and you want to smell like me, high chances are that once you get the exact same cologne, you may not like it that much after a period of time. This is because I wear cologne that complements who I am; the perfume complements my character and personality which might be totally different from yours. You will be excited about getting the bottle of that cologne but you may end up abandoning it after a while.

That fact alone explains why you can buy someone a perfume as a gift based on their ‘type’ of fragrance knowing very well that they will definitely not like another type of scent. It is also the reason why some people in Kenya will only buy one type of cologne by the same designer year in year out simply because they have found a scent that complements who they are in character.

When walking in Nairobi CBD you must have passed or walked close to people who smell tremendously great because of the cologne or perfume they are wearing. They may not look great but they definitely have their scents right. It gives a fresh feeling and you could even find yourself turning back just to catch a glimpse of this good smelling human being in the streets of Nairobi.

Based on your individual preference, you can now get a nice bottle of cologne or perfume that will work for you. Since we do not soak ourselves in designer perfumes, a 75-100ml bottle of designer cologne should last you approximately one year. It is, however, advised that you have at least two types so as to break the monotony of having only one type of cologne.  This is meant to avoid using too much of it  due to an acquired sense of smell over time which makes you feel like you have not worn enough of it.

When buying a cologne or perfume in Nairobi Kenya, always ensure you get the original product that is in its original form.

Eusi Black offers you various original designer colognes for men and perfumes for ladies in Nairobi and throughout Kenya. You could make a purchase for yourself or buy cologne as a gift for you partner, friends, family or colleague.

It is also advisable that if you know the cologne you want to purchase go for it because if you start sniffing and comparing with other perfumes, you might end up getting one that does not suite you taste and preference.

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