What you need to know when buying a watch

What you need to know when buying a watch

Watches have evolved to be more than just devices that tells us the time of day, or night. In the earlier days, watches were non-existent and people would estimate time by looking at the position of the sun or moon. The method was, however, not accurate since people had varied interpretations leading to contradictions which also affected traditional and cultural practices which were and still are synonymous with certain times.

Subsequent to all the confusion and contradictions and also with the development of science, came this wonderful device which to most of us nowadays is much, much more than just a timepiece.

To many people a watch is a fashion statement, an identity to which they can relate to or even an accessory that adds a bounce to their step. Others people use watches for results. Let us take the example of a good sports watch which comes in handy as it is not only water proof but also water resistant and also shock proof for protection against rapid and vigorous movements brought about by sporting activities. We could also highlight a smart watch that has so many functionalities and measurable variables that can estimate calories burnt, steps taken, heartbeat etc. of the wearer.

Due to this vast, versatile nature and various uses of watches, you can now understand why some watch lovers have a collection of up to twenty plus watches. An avid watch lover with such a collection will even possibly tell why they bought each watch, when they mostly wear them and for what purpose/function.

1. Watch Movement

The main purpose of a watch is to indicate time. You should be able to differentiate the difference in watches based on their movements and the different technology employed by each watch type.

  • Battery Powered Movement

This is the most simplistic and most common watch movement type. Examples of such watches are basic digital watches that require proper maintenance and care.

  • Quartz Movement

Quartz movement watches are similar to battery movement watches as they also use batteries but its battery replacements are not as frequent making the maintenance effort minimal. The battery sends an electric current through a quartz crystal to create dial vibrations that keep the motor running and dials moving. Quartz watches therefore offer tick movement to the second hand as opposed to sweeping motion as seen in mechanical watches.

  • Mechanical Movement

Mechanical watches employ a totally different movement technology as compared to the quartz movement watches. The technology is more sophisticated and offers a high touch of craftsmanship. Mechanical watches have been used over a longer period of time even though the technology has advanced over time.

Automatic mechanical movement

Automatic mechanical movement watches work with a rotor; A metallic piece that transfers energy from hand movement of the person wearing the mechanical watch. It however requires quite an amount of energy to power it up after staying for long without using it. This could entail shaking it hard vigorously before it starts working again.

Manual Mechanical Movement

Unlike the automatic mechanical movement watch, it does not have a rotor. It is therefore easier to power it up after staying for a long period without using it. You do not need to shake it vigorously after staying for a long time without wearing it. It will manually pick the wrist movement.

2. Watch Band Material

Apart from looking at the watch movement type, it is also important to choose the type of band that will fit and feel comfortable on your wrist. It also needs to speak to your fashion sense and outfit especially if it is the only watch you are likely to own.

  • Leather Watch Band

It is the most common type of bands for watches all over. It can be used perfectly well with official and casual watches to give it the perfect blend. Leather straps are also available in many colors but the most common are black and brown

  • Ceramic Watch Band

Ceramic is made up of two or more metals that are fused together by the use of heat. It is toughened and the fusion process gives it a gloss and shine finish

  • Stainless Steel Watch Band

Stainless steel is the fusion of steel and chromium (chrome) which makes the watch band strong, durable and most importantly water resistant. Use to make most official watches.

  • Rubber Watch Band

Rubber straps are mostly used for watches that are recommended for swimming and other dive sports. This is because rubber is durable and does not erode to rust when exposed to water over a long period of time.

  • Plastic Watch Band

Plastic watch straps are similar to rubber straps as they are widely used when making sports and casual watches. An important feature of most plastic watches is shock resistance which protects them from damage that can be brought about by vigorous movement.

  • Fabric Watch Band

With the modern style and fashion trends, it is nowadays common to find watch bands that are made of fabric of different colors, texture and even print

Skin reactions should also be considered so that you do not buy a watch that will irritate your skin.

3. Color

Most people have color preferences for their accessories and watches are no exempted from this. It is important to get a watch that appeals to your eyes as you will be constantly looking at it even when you are not interested in checking the time. Get a color that works best for you. Apart for your favorite colors, some of the considerations for the color of the watch you want to purchase are;

  • Your skin tone
  • Your wardrobe
  • Uniqueness of the watch color
  • The number of watches you  already own

Where should you buy your watch from?

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